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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the UN Foundation and the Club de Madrid unite to combat global warming

Last September, during the Gleneagles Dialogue ministerial meeting in Berlin, Global Leadership for Climate Action (GLCA), a coalition of key figures from politics, business and civilian life, put forward a plan to foster an agreement on climate change after 2012 and reduce carbon emissions by 60% by the year 2050. For GLCA, recognising global warming and its negative effects constitutes an opportunity to develop new clean energies that will create new jobs in the future and will be a new source of growth.

Prince Albert II pointed out: "We are aware, particularly since the conclusions of the Stern Report just over a year ago, that the cost of investing to prevent climate change is unarguably lower than the cost of the economic, social and environmental damage that will be caused to our planet if these adjustments are not made. The financial effort this involves is a priority of which all decision-makers must be aware."

Ricardo Lagos, President of the Club de Madrid and Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Climate Change, said: "It is a great honour for me and for the United Nations Foundation to sign this pledge with the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation to construct a world of sustainable energy. Climate change is one of the greatest problems facing humanity, and one of the most pressing. This is why we suggest a global agreement including all countries, all business sectors, all sources of greenhouse gas emissions, reducing global warming and adapting to its effects."

Timothy E. Wirth, President of the UN Foundation and former United States Under-Secretary of State for International Affairs, declared: "The pledge we make today, illustrates the expansion of the circle of GLCA's supporters. GLCA now comprises 37 former Heads of State, including the former Director General of the United Nations, Mr Kofi Annan. With the support of the Prince's Foundation, we will concentrate our efforts this year on finance and technology as major elements for dealing with climate change. Drastic reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can only be achieved if 'clean' energy technologies are shared with developing countries. We support the use of funding generated by limiting greenhouse gas emissions in private and public sectors, to establish ecological economic systems in developing countries. After the Bali conference last December, GLCA pledged to find solutions to contentious issues blocking the adoption of a global climate agreement."

GLCA is run jointly by Ricardo Lagos and Timothy Wirth. The full list of GLCA members is to be found on

About the United Nations Foundation

The UN Foundation was created in 1998 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Ted Turner, who donated one billion dollars to support the causes and the activities of the United Nations. The UN Foundation implements public-private partnerships that address major international problems, including protecting the environment and climate change. For further information, visit

About the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation

The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, created in June 2006, acts in three main areas: preserving biodiversity, access to water, and combating climate change. The Foundation has already supported 38 projects in 18 countries in five geographical zones around the globe. Further information is available on

About the Club de Madrid

The Club de Madrid is an independent organisation devoted to strengthening democracy all around the world, thanks to the unique experience amassed by the 70 former Heads of State and democratic governments who form its membership. In partnership with other organisations and governments that share its democratic goals, the Club de Madrid offers support and strategic advice to leaders and institutions striving to embrace, or strengthen, democracy.

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The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation, the UN Foundation and the Club de Madrid unite to combat...