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Monaco Heritage day

H.S.H. Prince Albert welcomed Sunday morning in His palace the first visitors who came to visit the Princes’ Residence on the “Heritage Day” in Monaco.

An exhibition about the Hotel Matignon, the Paris living place of the Princes of Monaco in the eighteenth century was presented in the Palace library, exceptionally open on that Day.

H.S.H. Prince was keen to accommodate visitors who came to attend one of the exhibition presentations, almost three hundred years to the day after the celebration, in Monaco, of the Matignon-Grimaldi marriage, in October 20 1715.

The Prince then went down to the Courtyard of the Palace to meet a delegation who came specially from the town of Matignon (Côtes d'Armor - French Brittany). A serenade of traditional Breton music paid tribute to Prince Albert. This meeting took place as part of the renewal of historical ties with the former strongholds of the dynasty, wanted by the Prince, who had traveled in the Cotes d'Armor in 2012.

Monaco Heritage day