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The inaugural Monte-Carlo Gala for the Oceans

Leonardo DiCaprio awarded the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Prize

On Thursday 28 September 2017, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation held an incredible gala evening at the Terraces of the Opera of Monte-Carlo, raising a total of $14m thanks to the generosity of guests. The funds will be used to back initiatives aimed at sustainable ocean management.

The ocean covers over 70% of the globe, accounting for 97% of the biosphere and playing a crucial role in regulating the climate. Our oceans produce 50% of the oxygen we use and absorb 25% of the carbon dioxide pollution in the atmosphere.

From the moment it was founded in 2006, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation has made our oceans one of its biggest priorities. The Foundation works on building awareness of the environmental hazards faced by our oceans, fighting plastic pollution, strengthening and expanding marine protected areas, endangered species conservation and promoting innovative solutions for ocean sustainability.

Organised by Milutin Gatsby, the Global Fundraising Chair for the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, and chaired by HSH Prince Albert II accompanied by HSH Princess Charlène, this inaugural Monte‑Carlo Gala for the Oceans kicked off with a speech by the Prince, in which the sovereign emphasised the importance of protecting our oceans and natural marine habitat. Addressing the guests, the Prince explained that "the greatest progress has been seen in public awareness of how crucial our oceans are, with legislation being called for and action being taken, just as we are doing today."

Over the course of the evening, HSH Prince Albert II awarded Academy Award-winning actor and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation Prize for his incredible work in protecting and safeguarding our planet.

Famous mentalist Lior Suchard kept the crowds entertained throughout the night with a series of mesmerising and unique telepathic tricks.

Grammy Award-winning singer Nelly Furtado gave an incredible performance before the Gala closed with a thrilling appearance by Robin Thicke.

Simon de Pury led an auction of prizes ranging from experiences and collector items to unique souvenirs, as well as a selection of artworks by some of the world's greatest artists.

Works by Francis Bacon, the Haas brothers, Pablo Picasso and Jeff Koons were up for auction, as were unique experiences such as a private dinner with Prince Albert II at the Prince's Palace.

The guest list included Milutin Gatsby, Terry Tamminen, Adrien Brody, April Geary, Maud Fontenoy, Olga Kurlyenko, Cara Delevingne and Alina Baikova.

This first edition of the Monte-Carlo Gala for the Oceans was sponsored by Martin Scorsese, Andy Garcia, Joe Pesci, Goldie Hawn, Kevin Spacey, Madonna, Eva Longoria, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tobey McGuire, Adrien Brody, Enric Sala and Terry Tamminen, in a glittering demonstration of their commitment to safeguarding our oceans.

The inaugural Monte-Carlo Gala for the Oceans