• The Monaco North Pole Expedition, with its 20 member crew, meets up in Kiruna, the northern Swedish town situated way above the Polar Circle.

• Transportation to Poikijärrvi situated by the river Torneälv opposite the world famous Ice Hotel. This is the place where Kent Fjällborg has his kennel with sledge dogs and also the place area where the expedition previous has had its training camp´s to learn to cope with living under extreme cold and in a snow filled environment.

• Back to Kiruna where all the equipment, including 40 dogs, tents, communication gears, food etc. is packed in a Boeing Business Jet.

• Flight to Longyearbyen on Svalbard. This is not only the worlds most northern city. It is also a place where the locals are constantly armed due to the fact that the human inhabitant are around 2 000 – but the polar bears are 5 000.

On Svalbard the expedition will wait until the weather conditions are favourable to allow next flight towards the North Pole.

• Flight with a Russian Anatov 74 to Borneo – a strange name for a floating, Russian research station. Depending on the constant moving ice here on the Polar Sea Borneo has to be rebuilt from scratch each year. Borneo is not more than a tent camp, but with a flown in bulldozer, they manage to flattened the snow so that planes with wheels can land.


• On Borneo the Expeditions support team will stay, while Prince Albert II accompanied with six others continues further north.

How far it is to the North Pole due to the ice drift, is impossible to say. Nobody can predict where Borneo is the day the Expedition Team lands.

A wild guess is around 100 kilometres and that it will take around three or four days to reach the goal.

• The obstacles the expedition will face, apart from extreme cold and strong wind:

  1. Ice can pile up several meters which is hard to get over with dogs and heavy sledges (called pack-ice).
  2. Holes in the ice, "ledges" in spite of the coldness, the strong current can rip the ice apart and force the Expedition take long detours.
  3. Polar Bears, everyone has to be constantly aware of this large predator who is the only animal on earth that naturally has man on his menu.
  4. Drifting Ice. The Expedition Team could actually wake up in the morning to realize the distance to the North Pole is longer than it was when they went to sleep.

• Each member of the Expedition Team will travel to the North Pole with their sledge of six Alaskan Huskies. Execpt for Ola Skinnarmo, the lead guide who will trek on skis an eventually hitch with one of the sledges.

• At night tents will be raised, snow will be melted, food will be cooked before Expedition Team limbs can get rest in the sleeping bags.

• Soon after the Expedition Team, hopefully, reaches the North Pole, the Support Team will fly in by MI-8 Russian Helicopter to celebrate that the mission is accomplished.

After a short stop at Borneo, the equipment is once again loaded in Antonov 74 Russian plane, the Expedition Team returns to Svalbard.

The North Pole Expedition Team will celebrate with Rear Base Team and Guests.

• Finally the Expeditions flies flies Boeing Business Jet to Kiruna to return the Alaskan sled dogs, and the Swedish Trailer Team, before continuing back home to Monaco.

Map of the arctic regions (more detailed)

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