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January 1, 2010

2010 New Year’s message from H.S.H. the Prince

 Picture : 2010 New Year’s message from H.S.H. the Prince

Fellow Countrymen,

I am delighted to address you with My New Year's message at this traditional time.

2009, was, once again, marked by the global economic crisis and its numerous consequences, in particular in social terms - although, thankfully, our country has been less affected than others and witnessed signs of recovery in the last quarter.


This has highlighted the fact that, once again, all of us in Monaco are blessed with the good fortune to live in a free, peaceful country in which we enjoy security, comfort and amenities available to only a lucky few worldwide.

I hope that the current crisis raises our awareness of the need to adapt our development to preserve the environment.

I also hope that it inspires in us greater solidarity with the least privileged and makes us more attentive to the causes of precariousness.


I know that it is always possible to do more, but I am counting on the commitment of each and every one of us in order to achieve this end.

In an increasingly competitive world, it is My intention that all our decisions, all our actions bolster the Principality's solid position on the international scene.

I call on our young people to make a resolute commitment to the future founded on training, openness to the outside world, strong in the ideal inspired by their country. At My request, My Government will provide them with further support in this area.


In this respect I would like to thank my Government, in particular Minister of State, Mr Jean-Paul PROUST, who has implemented the framework policy that I have outlined covering all important areas of the Principality's life, with such efficiency and authority.

I would also like to thank the National Council which has granted the Government the means to implement this policy.

I would like to remind everyone that he or she must fulfil his or her respective role to their utmost of his or her abilities, in the context of our country's Institutions.


Faced with a more difficult international economic environment, their stability is our prime asset.

Of this, I am sole guarantor.

I solemnly request that we all endeavour to overcome our differences in order to move forward in a spirit of unity, in both words and deeds.

I welcome and encourage all initiatives on the part of players in our economy motivated by a desire to set up projects and implement innovative initiatives in the Principality.

Their dynamism and their will to succeed will guarantee the social rewards to which I am highly attached.

Fellow Countrymen,

The end-of-year holiday season is a time of joy and sharing. Thus, this evening, my thoughts go out to those experiencing hardship in the form of isolation, ill health and unemployment. May they find comfort that they so greatly need in the warmth of a home.

I wish you all an excellent New Year 2010.


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