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Speech by HSH the Prince Visit to the National Council

 Picture : Speech by HSH the Prince Visit to the National Council

Dear Minister ,
Your Eminence, the Archbishop of Monaco,
Mr President of the National Council,
Dear National Councillors,
Mr Mayor,
Ladies and gentlemen,

The Princess and myself would like to thank you, Mr President, Dear National Councillors, for your warm welcome in the buildings that still house the National Council but will soon have another function.

As I announced at the time of our wedding last summer, I wanted the Princess to get to know these venues where, for decades, our country's legislative history has been written.

It strikes me as natural, indeed, that the events punctuating the life of my Family and that of our Institutions and, more specifically, of the National Council, act as an incitement to such visits.

By welcoming the Princess by my side, you express your attachment to our Dynasty, so deeply rooted in history, but also turned towards the future.

As you recalled, Mr President, the Prince is sole depositary of our National Sovereignty. This results from the principle of Government, a hereditary constitutional monarchy, with the consequence, in particular, that He "represents the Principality in its relations with foreign powers." Consequently, he is the sole initiator of our country's diplomacy.

As you also reiterated, Mr President, the National Council, the legislative assembly, is a political body, as expressed in particular in debates over the budget.

The examination and voting of the budget provide National Councillors with the opportunity, in the diversity of their opinions and sensitivities, to scrutinise the policies implemented in a wide variety of fields through their questions, analyses and commentaries.

Whether for legislation or the budget, I can only encourage you to strive for consensus, all the more accessible that, quite obviously, there has been true dialogue beforehand between my Government and the National Council, but also with the professionals concerned by the draft texts.

The complexity of the areas that come under the law has reached such proportions that it is indispensable to obtain all the requisite legal guarantees before making decisions.

As you emphasised, it is advisable, assuredly, to reduce the amount of time necessary for the legislative process, because everything is accelerating and competitiveness is intensifying. Of course, this gain in time cannot jeopardise either the rigour of the preliminary assessment that must be made in view of our country's specificities or the exhaustive nature of the necessary prior studies.

In the face of the pressure of the short term, we must retain full control of time.

And, Mr President, you referred to the future National Council building.

Of course, I am eager to attend the inauguration of this truly extraordinary tool, which brilliantly illustrates the high esteem in which the State holds the National Council.

I know the National Councillors fully understand the financial effort agreed to by my Government to provide your Assembly with a modern building to help in fulfilling its mission in the very best conditions. I am convinced that the sense of responsibility will subsequently prevail in the challenging international economic context within which the Principality offers a privileged environment we must preserve.

More generally, the crisis which affects in many ways the societies around us in financial and economic matters, as well, in particular, as technological and environmental areas, forces use to be truly perspicacious. Since we can no longer turn back, we must explore new prospects, guided by service to general interest mentioned earlier that is the nobility of political action, whether governmental or legislative.

The situations of profound imbalance affecting the world today often give rise to legitimate feelings of fear. This is something I can sense strongly in my travels abroad.


If the Principality is spared by these upheavals, even if it cannot completely escape their consequences, it is because we have taken care to protect ourselves through decades of sensible management in anticipation of more difficult times. They have imposed on us to make decisions and take actions to preserve our economic prosperity and our social model.

I am convinced that, in full respect of the specificities of our country, which remain the most precious of its assets, , as we are all perfectly aware, we will wisely, under my impulse, implement this well balanced policy, marked both by caution and impartiality, avoiding overcautious withdrawal or excessive openness.

To quote our motto, Deo Juvante (With God's help), in the harmony that has always been one of our country's strengths based on the union of its Princes and the Monegasque Community, the Principality of Monaco will resolutely pursue the course it has chosen within the Concert of Nations, tirelessly contributing the power of the values we have made ours.

Thank you


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