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January 16, 2012

New Year Ceremony at the Department of Public Safety

 Picture : New Year Ceremony at the Department of Public Safety

Your Excellency the Minister of State,
Monsignor the Archbishop,
Dear Chairpersons,
Dear Members of the Government,
Senior Judges,
The Director of Public Safety,
Ladies and gentlemen,

I wished again this year to attend the convivial New Year Ceremony for the Department of Public Safety to highlight the importance of this Department's missions and my interest in the men and women who are part of it.

André Muhlberger just recalled the most significant data for the past year. I would like here to underscore the fact that the Principality of Monaco is a State where public peace is guaranteed. Residents are grateful for the level of protection of goods and people that exists here, as amply demonstrated in recent opinion polls.

These positive results and the favourable assessment of the people working and living in Monaco result from the daily commitment of the Department of Public Safety staff, and, more broadly, all departments in the Principality involved in this area.

I well know and salute the work achieved in the field and within this Department by uniformed personnel, plain-clothes police, employees, administrative staff and the entire hierarchy.

Since we have this opportunity to look back on the past year, I would like to express my personal gratitude to Monaco's Public Safety agents and civil servants for the way official delegations and the public system were received and the way their security was guaranteed for my wedding with Princess Charlene. I was deeply touched. The images that were broadly distributed highlighted the action of police staff as well as the irreproachable way in which they performed their missions.

I invite the Department of Public Safety to pursue on this path with a presence that is both visible and discreet and efficient action appreciated by the people.

You make a determinant contribution to the expression of the true quality of life in Monaco: reassured and serene, safe and respected.

Your mobilisation must remain wholehearted, since we in the Principality cannot assume we are safe from phenomena of delinquency and transgression sometimes observed elsewhere.

It is by remaining attentive and tuned that the Monegasque Police fully play their role. In this sense, I asked that special attention be given to road safety offences. The Principality recently suffered several tragic losses due to motorcycle accidents; we cannot assume these grim events are inevitable.

This is why, in the context of a policy of prevention and reporting of violations, controls must be reinforced to curb speeding and drunk driving, which occur too often. On a daily basis, safety necessarily involves awareness to obtain significant reduction of the excessive number of serious accidents. The police will see to this and play their role by pursuing awareness campaigns and intensifying the already considerable controls.

I invite the Department of Public Safety and its staff to continue on this path so justly traced: close to the people, attentive and efficient.

You have all the resources needed to conduct this action as it should be; I know my Government makes certain of this.

At the start of this year, I would like to express the wish for complete success of these missions that are so important for our country, and formulate for the members of the Department of Public Safety and their families my warmest wishes for happiness and fulfilment for the coming year.


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