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HSH Prince Albert II at the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco was in Barcelona from 5 to 7 October to participate in the IUCN World Conservation Congress, where He was greeted by HRH Prince Felipe of Spain

 Picture : HSH Prince Albert II at the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) World Conservation Congress

On the afternoon of 6 October, the Sovereign, after visiting the Oceans Pavilion, which encourages conservation of the world's seas, attended a dinner that evening in honour of all the Presidents of Foundations for the Conservation of the Sea and organized jointly by the Prince Albert II Foundation and the IUCN. On this occasion, HSH the Sovereign Prince emphasized: “I have a profound conviction, the result of over a century of family tradition: my great-great-grandfather Albert I was a pioneer of oceanography and my father already contributed greatly in the 1970s to saving the Mediterranean. In my turn, I, too, am pursuing their struggle. It is an endless struggle.”

On the morning of 7 October, at the conference presenting the work of the Aspen Institute Arctic Commission, HSH Prince Albert II asserted: “Rising temperatures and rising waters, pollution, threats to biodiversity: in the Arctic more than elsewhere: the Planet's ailments are visible to the naked eye, perceptible on a human scale.” He added: “it is essential that we do our utmost to offer scientists the conditions for working effectively in the Arctic: a setting that has become a sanctuary and pristine material.”

He concluded his speech by saying: “I hope the international community will be particularly vigilant in the management and organization of all that affects the Poles, the Arctic in particular. This is the meaning of the UNEP resolution adopted this year, a resolution my Foundation is proud to have actively contributed to formulating.”

Prince’s Palace of Monaco