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Prince Albert II in Antarctica

FromPatriot Hill to Mike Horn’s bivouac

 Picture : Prince Albert II in Antarctica

Prince Albert II reached the American base of Patriot Hills on 9 January. On 11 January, He attended a lecture by Professor Jefferson Cardia Simões of Brazil, a specialist in climatology, on the influence of Antarctica on global weather.

HSH Prince Albert II and his team then took a Twin Otter, a twin-propeller aircraft with ski fittings, to visit Mike Horn and his crew in their bivouac.

After a flight several hours long over a great white desert to the continental plateau, the plane spotted Mike Horn's sleigh tracks, before locating their bivouac, 120 km from the South Pole.

This meeting, despite the difficulty in organizing it, stirred up great emotion in the entire crew. Mike Horn, along with two students, is pursuing his campaign to raise awareness to environmental protection with extraordinary courage and energy.

Mike Horn began his journey forty-two days ago, from the Principality of Monaco.

Prince’s Palace of Monaco