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HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco speaks in Brussels at the ‘Peace with Water’ Conference

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco went to Brussels to participate in the ‘Peace with Water’ Conference at the European Parliament.

 Picture : HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco speaks in Brussels at the ‘Peace with Water’ Conference

The purpose of this conference is to draft a memorandum setting common goals and financial resources for a world on protocol on water. This text will include universal orientations in favour of access, preservation and sharing of water to ensure its fair effective responsible distribution in the interest of all living species and future generations. Concerning global warming, water too often remains marginal to the discussions in comparison with energy and greenhouse gas emissions.

This meeting also offers an opportunity to prepare the Copenhagen conference (December 2009) that will decide on measures to be taken after the Kyoto Protocol runs out, by providing food for thought on information relating to water.

The first session began in the morning with a succession of international personalities evoking water-related issues: Mikhail Gorbachev, Mario Soares, Hans-Gert Pöterring, Karl Falkenberg, Guido Sacconi and Luc van den Brande.

In his speech, the Sovereign Prince indicated that “problems linked to water affect all the organizations of human societies in all their aspects, whether economic, humanitarian, geopolitical or social.” He added: “We cannot settle water-related conflicts through bilateral agreements. We will advance by making water a tool in the service of harmony, an instrument for the development of populations.” After taking the example of the Mediterranean Basin where 30 million people do not have access to clean water, He underlined: “in the face of such disparities, how can we hope to make peace around water if we do not make peace with water? How can peace be durable if it were to prosper on misery and injustice?” He recalled that, “if water is often a tragic problem, it is always the solution, as well.”

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