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Selection of the Group in charge of building the new CHPG

 Picture : Selection of the Group in charge of building the new CHPG

After a long process of discussing and analysing the proposals and following many meetings with the Monegasque Government, the Sovereign announced the name of the Group in charge of building the new CHPG Hospital. At the end of the meeting He chaired on 9 April 2013 at the Palace of Monaco, HSH the Prince declared:
"I am pleased to announce that the project selected is the programme submitted by AECOM Limited - Natacha Morin Innocenti - Architecte international AIA - AIA Ingénierie and TRACTEBEL Engineering SA. Its daring, modern and functional conception makes it ideally suited to the needs of the Monegasque people, residents of the Principality and inhabitants of neighbouring communes."

HSH the Sovereign Prince congratulated the winners whose project best satisfied the demands for excellence of the Principality and Monegasque Government departments which worked on this project. He also thanked to two other groups participating in the tender for the fine quality of their proposals.

Studies in design are scheduled for the summer of 2013, fully respecting the plans and costs set by the Monegasque Government.

NB: In June 2012, the Technical and Evaluation Commissions' analyses had led to selecting three groups:
EGIS Bâtiment -- Architects: Gabriel Viora -- Jean-Philippe Pargade -- EGIS
ADPI -- Architects: Fabrice Notari -- SCAU -- Artelia
AECOM -- Architects: Natacha Morin-Innocenti -- AIA Tractebel
For the second phase of the closed tender with drawings and the creation of a scale model, the groups received a consultation dossier featuring the Detailed Technical Programme for the project.
After preparation of the projects, an analysis and evaluation phase was undertaken on the basis of the competition criteria, after which the Evaluation Commission transmitted their conclusions to HSH the Prince.

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