Prince’s Palace of Monaco


Respect of web standards and recommendations for accessibility

A special care was taken to make the website of the Prince's Palace of Monaco accessible to the largest number of people, including people with possible visual disabilities.

In this context, the website conforms to:

  • web technical normes and standards established by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium -

  • web content accessibility guidelines established by the WAI (Web Accessibility Initiative -

Speech synthesis

For an easier review of the Prince's Palace of Monaco web pages, a speech synthesis tool will soon be available and will help the text reading with a high quality synthesis voice.

The visitor will then be able to listen to the text in very good conditions, by clicking on the appropriate icon, but only if his computer is equipped with a sound card and a multimedia player.

No pre-recording has been made (the audio version of the page is generated at the visitor's request). A specific treatment must be made before the reading start, assuming of about 30 seconds wait (sometimes more for very long texts).

Prince’s Palace of Monaco