Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Candidate Criteria

Candidate Criteria for joining The Palace Guards.

Canditate Criteria

  • French- speaking
  • Must be 20 years but less then 30 years of age
  • Must be single
  • Minimum Height requirement (minimu 1.80 meters/ 20.00 maximum)
  • Must be in excellent health and physical condition
  • Must have good academic background
  • Must hold a drivers license
  • Must be able to swim
  • Body mass index less or egal 25

Candidates who posses the following skills will be given priority; musical skill in bands, life saving skills, scuba diving, mechanics, combat sports, auto body skills, IT technology skills, dog handling skills and broadcasting skills.

Upon acceptance a candidate will sign a 5-year contract with a one-year assessment period in which he will be judged on his fitness and aptitude for the job. This probation period could be extended up to 2 years. Contracts will be renewed after 5 years until the age of 50 and could be prolonged until the age of 58, if all the requirements are met. Officers may be able to rise to different levels of rank, however only 50% of Carabiniers end their careers as first or second class officers.


  • A hand written letter describing why the candidate is applying
  • Current C.V. with recent photo taken on a neutral background 6"x 4 (15"cm x 9 cm)
  • 2 copies of the birth certificate
  • Proof of National Service
  • Medical certificate by a military doctor : SIGYCOP
  • Photocopy of the applicants blood type
  • Photocopies of all diplomas, certificates, driving licenses...
  • Photocopies of Tetanus and Hepatitis B vaccinations

When positions become available, pre-selected candidates will be notified and asked to take an entrance exam for the final selection. All applications or requests for information should be sent to:

  • Commander of the Palace Guards
    5, boulevard de Belgique
    MC 98000 MONACO
Prince’s Palace of Monaco