Prince’s Palace of Monaco

Museum of Napoleon Souvenirs

The Museum of Napoleon Souvenirs and Historic Archives of the Palace houses a Collection made up by the Prince Louis II, Grand-father of the Sovereign Prince..

There is a collection of more than a thousand objects and documents relating to the First Empire : objects belonging to the Emperor Napoleon 1, garments of the King of Rome, religious souvenirs from Saint Helena.

A wide mezzanine contains memorabilia relating to the history of the Principality : the Charter of Independence of Monaco, signed by King Louis XII of France, a letter written by Louis XIV to Prince Antoine I, a collection of Monaco coins, a complete collection of stamps and past uniforms of the Prince's Guards.

Useful information

Opening hours

  • The museum will be closed from 31st of october 2013

How to get there

  • Cars and bus: recommended parking at the "Parking des Pêcheurs".
  • Foreign cars and bus prohibited in the Old town and the Rock (Monaco-ville).
  • Local Monaco Bus service: n° 1 and n° 2 -- Stop at "Place de la Visitation".
  • 10 mn walk from the Condamine by the "Rampe Major", 5mn walk from the "Place de la Visitation" through the Old-town streets.

Admission cost

Prince’s Palace of Monaco