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Wishes of H.S.H. Prince Albert II for 2019

Dear Compatriots, Dear Residents, Dear Friends,

While this period we are experiencing is marked throughout the world by tensions of every kind, the celebrations of the end of the year are a happy opportunity to take a break and recharge oneself.

They also offer the opportunity to look at all the acts of dedication and altruism which have taken place to help alleviate the suffering caused by these trials.

My wish is that in 2019 we identify constructive new perspectives for the future on the international scene, as well as at the heart of each country.
It must be remembered that the Principality is a haven in many respects. I have no doubt that everyone is well aware of it.

My wish is that the debates which are legitimately undertaken here be always objective and measured.

I wish for our younger generations to be open to the world around them, while being aware of the richness of what makes us special.

I wish our elders the happiness of handing on inter-generational links. To those afflicted by illness, trials or loneliness I express our union of thought.


Dear Compatriots, Dear Residents, Dear Friends,

May every one of you find deep and real satisfaction on a daily basis throughout the new year.

May the Principality, faithful to its strength, peacefully build its future in confidence and calm reflection.

On behalf of My Family and Myself, We convey to you Our warmest wishes for 2019.

Happy New Year.

Bon Anu Noevu.

Wishes of H.S.H. Prince Albert II for 2019