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Greetings from T.S.H. the Prince and Princess for 2021

Dear Compatriots, Dear Residents, Dear Friends,

2020 is coming to an end. It will remain in our memories, marked by doubt, fear and pain because of the COVID-19 pandemic that has spread across our planet.

The damage caused by this epidemic is not limited to the health situation. All sectors have been weakened for several years to come.

This health crisis has changed our habits and our certainties. It has set our intelligence in motion to reflect on all aspects of our existence.

This momentum should not be stifled but amplified.             
It is the vitality and resilience of our minds that are at stake, at the very moment when we most need light, warmth and escape so as not to be overwhelmed by despair.

Given the unprecedented scale of the challenges we face, it is essential that all countries and their political leaders commit themselves to an innovative approach to our future.  

We are convinced both of the relevance of our missions and of the need to reinvent ourselves once again.

New forms of expression will have to be developed, particularly digital ones. We will have to be exemplary in our practices, from energy sobriety to inclusion. 

With regards to the economy, it is curiosity, discovery and creativity that must be revived so that we emerge stronger and can face the major environmental and social challenges.

I am also not forgetting about those populations whose suffering is accentuated by conflict, humanitarian crises or natural disasters that are multiplying with global warming 

I would like to pay tribute to those who are committed, with generosity and solidarity, to providing relief to these people whose numbers are growing dramatically year after year.   

Collectively, we must be responsible in our decisions in order to offer a future of hope for those peoples hard hit by these successive and overlapping crises, while at the same time preserving the aspirations of the younger generations. 
Our responsibility is to leave them a liveable and living Planet, but also to give them the means to prepare, invent and transform the future. 

This moment of exchanging greetings is for me a privileged moment of tradition, but even more so today because of the circumstances that require a message of hope and optimism. 

I am convinced that 2021 will enable us to overcome this challenge thanks to the solidity of our economic and social model and to the talents working in the public and private sectors. 

I would like to express my gratitude to the women and men representing our institutions who have been able to assume their responsibilities in their respective fields to support the economic actors and protect the population.
I know that this end of year will not be as festive as in the past.

I know that you will not be able to fully enjoy your families because the health crisis requires us to be careful, to protect those we hold dear. 

This distance and these constraints will, this year, be the marks of our affection towards our loved ones, our families, whom we want to protect from illness.


Dear Compatriots, Dear Residents, Dear Friends,

Our best asset is our collective intelligence and the desire to build a better future together.

Together we must preserve a sustainable planet. Together we need to invent a more caring society. 

I assure you of my unfailing determination to lead the Principality out of this health crisis, towards an ever more stable, prosperous and fairer future.

We send you, along with our children, Jacques and Gabriella, our warmest wishes for 2021.     
Happy new Year!
Bonne nouvelle année!
Bon Anu Noevu!

Greetings from T.S.H. the Prince and Princess for 2021