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Visit by H.S.H. the Prince to Rethondes, Péronne and Cormicy

On 6 and 7 December 2018, H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco completed his memorial journey for the World War I Centenary, paying tribute to the residents of Monaco mobilised during the conflict and the voluntary enlistment of Monegasques, in the wake of His great-grandfather, Prince Louis, liaison officer in the 5th French army from 1914 to 1918.

After having gone to the Marne in 2015, Verdun in 2016 and the Chemin des Dames in 2017, and having participated in the international commemoration of 11 November 2018 in Paris, the Sovereign Prince went, on Thursday 6 December, to the Glade of the Armistice in Rethondes, near Compiègne (Oise département), to the Museum of the Great War in Péronne (Somme département), and, the next day, to Cormicy (Marne département), where a Trail of the Soldier Prince was inaugurated.

In Rethondes, a moving patriotic ceremony in memory of Prince Louis II’s service awaited HSH Prince Albert, in the presence of standard-bearers and schoolchildren.

In Péronne, H.S.H. the Prince visited the Château-Museum which, for over twenty-five years, has become the reference in France for the history of World War I. The city is also known, in the history of the Principality, since this is where the Franco-Monegasque treaty was signed on 14 September 1641. This was a key step in the affirmation of Monaco’s sovereignty, and at the origin of the Common Destiny (Communauté de Destin) binding the two countries for nearly four centuries. A commemorative plaque was unveiled in the Château and the Prince received a Republican welcome in City Hall.

Visit by H.S.H. the Prince to Rethondes, Péronne and Cormicy