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Swearing in of H.E. Mr Pierre Dartout, Minister of State

H.E. Mr Pierre DARTOUT, appointed Minister of State of the Principality by Sovereign Order of 6 August 2020, took the oath of office at the end of the morning in front of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco.

This ceremony took place at the Palace of Monaco in the presence of the Secretary of State, all the Members of the Prince’s Government and the Prince’s Cabinet, as well as Members of the Honorary Service of the Palace of Monaco.

At the end of this swearing in, the Sovereign Prince received his Minister of State for a long period. During this private audience, the Prince gave him the following roadmap which outlines the main lines of action he has assigned to him:

Minister of State,

As you have just been sworn in before me, I would like to set out here the guidelines for your actions at the head of My Government.

Like all countries, the Principality of Monaco is going through an unprecedented period, and it is in this delicate context that you are taking up your duties as Minister of State.

The Covid-19 pandemic, which surprised the whole world, has come as a reminder of the fragility of our equilibrium in many fields: health, of course, but also economic and social.

The strengths of our economic and social model have enabled the Principality to face this crisis with reactivity and efficiency. Our country, like those around it, is being put to the test for a period of time that no one is certain of, which imposes rigorous management of State finances.

I know that, as has always been the case in the past, the union of Princes and Monegasques, as well as the entire population of Monaco, will, combined with respect for institutional balance, enable us to meet this challenge.

I would like that, under your leadership, My Government will set itself, in this particular context, three main objectives to further strengthen the attractiveness of our country and establish its prosperity:
- Above all, the pursuit of a development that is as sustainable as possible;
- Secondly, the pursuit of ensuring the Principality's security;
- Finally, the implementation of a recovery policy which takes into account the international situation.


1.    The pursuit of a development that is as sustainable as possible.

I would like to reiterate that I am committed to the relentless implementation of the Principality's energy transition in strict compliance with the objectives I have set: reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to 50% below 1990 levels by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050.
With this in mind, I expect the Government to put into practice the main lines of reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the three areas that generate the most greenhouse gas emissions, namely: mobility, waste treatment and energy consumption in buildings.

The National Pact for Energy Transition, in line with the White Paper, must rally everyone, from institutions, to the population as well as businesses.

Because we are responsible for the environment that is given to us, I hope that special attention will continue to be paid, in our country, to the quality of the air, the water and also, of course, our Mediterranean Sea.

In international bodies, My Government will continue to petition and work to ensure that attacks on the environment in general and biodiversity in particular are combated in order to protect our planet from the numerous damages it suffers.

To sum up, I hope that in this area, the Principality will send out exemplary and strong signals. 

2.    The pursuit of ensuring the Principality’s security

Our country offers security for people and property, which is one of the keys to its reputation and appeal. I attach particular importance to the consolidation of this protection.

The good results obtained in this area are the result of the sustained control and surveillance action carried out by Public Safety, an action that should be continued.

In this area, I hope that special attention will be paid to the protection of our young people, who are exposed in many ways, and that the quality of the educational provision will be maintained.

Furthermore, I think it is important that Monegasques and Residents be reminded, at regular intervals, of the rules of prudence which they themselves must respect for the protection of their person and their property.

Finally, the health crisis that we have been facing, like other countries, for several months now, has brought health security to the forefront of our concerns.

The Covid-19 pandemic does not require us to stop living, but requires us to accept to live differently, by complying with the precautionary measures that the Government prescribes, in view of the evolution of the situation and the hoped for discovery of the means to protect ourselves effectively.

Health security calls for a respect of an informed and proportionate individual and collective discipline, the outlines of which the Government will have to continue to define through appropriate communication.

3.    The implementation of a recovery policy which takes into account the international situation.

Due to the international dimension of the crisis caused by Covid-19 there has been and will continue to be a lasting impact on our economy. Tourism, be it individual or business, has fluctuated. The Société des Bains de Mer and, more widely, the hotel, restaurant and catering sectors, but also the small business sector are suffering the severe economic consequences of this ordeal. The reversal of the trend presupposes the return of minimal growth which, to date, is not a given.

At My request the State reacted promptly to mitigate the impact of the crisis on all economic actors through an aid package, thanks to the financial reserves at its disposal.

Our social protection system is also acting as a shock absorber in the crisis. Nevertheless, the time has certainly come to adapt to the new situation we are facing, to discern wisely between what is indispensable and what is of secondary importance, between what is urgent and what is not, and thus to determine priorities.

I know I can count on the Government you will lead so that, when the signs of international recovery appear, the Principality is ready to seize the opportunities.

With this in mind, the development and installation work in our area will have to continue to accompany the recovery, even if some review of scheduling will inevitably be envisaged.

Furthermore, the health crisis has underlined the importance of continuing, and even accelerating, the Principality's digital transition, a policy launched a year ago with the "Extended Monaco" programme.

Moreover, digital technology opens up many opportunities before us, both in the public and private sectors.

Our country must make the transition to the digital age with discernment, without apprehension and in a spirit of openness, while surrounding itself with all the necessary guarantees.

Nor do I forget how much the cultural sector has been affected by this crisis. The Principality's historical attachment to the Arts must lead our Government to reflect on measures likely to preserve them.

Of course, other important projects are still ahead of us.

*    *

Negotiations with the European Union with a view to concluding an association agreement that respects the specific aspects of Monaco will continue at the end of a period of slowdown due to the international economic situation.

In this area, the time will come to objectively weigh up the necessary factors with regard to the best interests of the Principality and our community, with a view to the future.

In the future, as in the past, our Administration will continue to adapt with resolution and wisdom, its vocation remaining the service of the general interest. The Government will be watching over it, with focused intent.

Our country benefits from an institutional framework that has proven its suitability for conducting the affairs of State in the stability that guarantees its prosperity.

I know I can count on My Government, under your wise leadership, to stay the course.

Minister of State, I send you My very best wishes.

Albert, Prince de Monaco

Swearing in of H.E. Mr Pierre Dartout, Minister of State