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H.S.H. the Prince Albert II's trip in Antarctic

The Sovereign Prince, strongly committed to environmental protection, undertook to take stock of the current situation in Antarctica, with the threat of global warming. To this end, the Prince will visit scientific observation bases, and meet with high-level researchers to obtain a complete exhaustive overview of all the data.

The trip's other objective is to raise awareness in worldwide public opinion to the fate of the Poles. While international news tends to be dominated by more direct tragedies, attention rarely goes to those faraway desert expanses, despite their key role in the future of our planet.

He also aims to bear witness to Monaco's tireless commitment in favour of more efficient, more responsible collective management of natural resources, the only solution to fight climatic degradation and reduce the threats to the conditions for the survival of humankind.

The Sovereign of a State, which, on 31 May 2008, became the 47th signatory of the Antarctic Treaty, HSH the Sovereign Prince intends to emphasize that protection of our planet, and Antarctica in particular, concerns all the world's peoples and nations.

The Prince will reach the geographic South Pole on 14 January. This trip can be followed live, as from 5 January, on the Prince Albert II Foundation site:

H.S.H. the Prince Albert II's trip in Antarctic