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Official visit to the United States by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

On Monday 21 September, HSH Prince Albert II spoke at the press conference for the ?Billion Tree? campaign launched by UNEP. The Sovereign Prince declared: ?this campaign is a great success, which delights me. We are in the process of reaching UNEP's new objective: ?Together, let's plant 7 billion trees by the end of 2009'.? The Prince added: ?Forests are the insurance for our survival. We must protect them, replant them wherever they have disappeared; we must pursue our efforts through the ?Billion Tree' campaign.?

He then paid tribute to the commitment on the part of the United National Environment Programme in the presence of its Secretary General, Achim Steiner, and Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, who is also sponsoring this initiative.

Later in the day, HSH the Prince attended a reception offered by the Prime Minister of Grenada, Tillman Thomas.

On Tuesday 22 September, HSH the Prince attended the opening session of the 64th United Nations General Assembly, then participated in a round table discussion.

In the afternoon, the Sovereign Prince gave a speech at the press conference on the Arctic in the presence of members of the Aspen Institute. On this occasion, He recalled that: ?climate change is no theoretical, faraway threat. It is a reality we can no longer question (···). We must protect the Arctic ice to enable it to continue playing its indispensable role in regulating temperatures on the Planet, avoid a catastrophic rise in sea levels triggered by melting ice and prevent the disappearance of permafrost from releasing irreversible quantities of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.? The Sovereign Prince ended by emphasizing: ?Within twenty years, the world will have changed radically. There remain a few months in which we can choose the nature of this change: unprecedented climatic and ecological upheaval or profound alterations in the way we act within our environment.?

Official visit to the United States by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco