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HIV+ Monaco Conference

Organised in association with GNP+ (Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS), UN+ (a group of United Nations staff living with HIV/AIDS) and UNAIDS, this three-day event which included debates and meetings enabled participants (international leaders struggling against HIV, individuals living with HIV/AIDS, NGO leaders, representatives from civil society and the medical world) to discuss the following five key topics:

1 - Access to treatment and care

2 - Making Prevention Positive

3 - Discrimination against individuals who are HIV positive (discriminatory legal status towards individuals living with HIV/AIDS)

4 - Sexuality and the desire for children in individuals living with HIV/AIDS and gender issues (Men- Women and contamination)

Almost forty delegates from all over the world, representing around thirty countries were expected during the day.

The conclusions drawn from the proceedings at the Monaco Conference will contribute towards the discussions at the AIDS/HIV Summit in Mexico in August 2008.

HIV+ Monaco Conference