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Fight Aids Monaco (F.A.M.) Summer Gala featuring Christophe Maé in concert

For this event, which Princess Stéphanie wanted to have a more youthful appeal, a cocktail party has been organised inside the famous Jimmy'z night club, prior to the start of the concert (standing) by Christophe Maé who was voted artist of the year at the Victoires de la Musique 2008. The first half of the concert will feature William Baldé, an experienced performer, who is supporting Christophe Maé on his summer tour.

For F.A.M. the beginning of 2008 was marked by the opening of new offices which will enable it to welcome the association's 150 voluntary affiliated members under the best conditions, as well as the signing of a long term lease for the ?Maison de Vie? in Carpentras.

The aim of Fight Aids Monaco is to support AIDS sufferers and their families by providing both material and psychological assistance.

F.A.M. contributes to prevention and broadcasts information messages against the risks related to HIV/AIDS. Various initiatives are undertaken in schools, universities and even nightclubs.

The association conducts information campaigns for the general public, relayed through regional and local press.

F.A.M. also carries out initiatives abroad where it supports the action of NGOs in Madagascar and Burundi in association with Monaco's Department of International Cooperation.

AIDS is still one of the main causes of death in the world and remains the number one cause of death in Africa. In France, according to the Institute of HIV/AIDS Health Monitoring, approximately 150,000 individuals are HIV positive and 27,000 people are living with AIDS.

Princess Stephanie is the founding President of Fight Aids Monaco created in 2004 and has been a UNAIDS Special Representative since 2006.

Fight Aids Monaco (F.A.M.) Summer Gala featuring Christophe Maé in concert